Friday, March 09, 2012

Why most tech blogs are useless: Many followers, Zero experience (and why Techmeme is dead)

Rob May, a well-known tech company founder(Backupify) says he tells his employees not to read tech blogs as most tech bloggers are '23-year-olds who haven’t built a real company yet, despite a lot of hype and followers'. Moreover, there is just too much noise and distraction in tech blogging. I think you should give up reading Techmeme altogether (more on this sometime later) - there is simply no insight to be found in that vast echo-chamber of a wasteland, just a lot of me-too bloggers testing who can write the best pro-Apple story. Techmeme is dead.

From a list of insights from May, here are the ones I like:
2. The Web has made us all alike. 
7. Build a product first, then a platform.
8. Tools make more money than apps.
9. Seed funding is still tough to get for many companies.

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