Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How America led to the rise of bureaucracy in the world: The age of MBAs and middle managers

Yes, yes, we have all read, heard and seen many things about the land of meritocracy, of capitalism, of this and that... but evidence suggests otherwise. The land of the great American Dream, where every man is one's own master and all that, has been exporting a more stifling form of bureaucracy to other countries. From The Baffler:

Americans do not like to think of themselves as a nation of bureaucrats—quite the opposite—but the moment we stop imagining bureaucracy as a phenomenon limited to government offices, it becomes obvious that this is precisely what we have become. The final victory over the Soviet Union did not lead to the domination of the market, but, in fact, cemented the dominance of conservative managerial elites, corporate bureaucrats who use the pretext of short-term, competitive, bottom-line thinking to squelch anything likely to have revolutionary implications of any kind.



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