Monday, June 27, 2016

Introducing The Success Manual: The Ultimate collection of the best advice on 200+ important skills

The Success Manual, my latest project, is an easy-to-follow encyclopedia of advice with everything, yes, everything, you will ever need to know to succeed in any career you choose, starting with how you manage yourself: create a targeted resume, get a job you want, get a raise, get a promotion, manage your boss and the politics, communicate your ideas and messages clearly to the relevant people, negotiate and persuade people, start and run a business, freelance your skills, establish a personal brand and stand out by doing great and useful things... and all the other important things you must do to get ahead.

There are 290 guides, helpfully arranged across 13 skill categories, on all the skills and tactics a professional will ever need to succeed.

This all-in-one resource is a must buy for a fresh college graduate or a seasoned professional. There is just so much we all need to know to survive and succeed.

Note: The Success Manual exists in offline forms since 2004. Now it has been updated massively, and has its own website, where you can read all the chapters and more.

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