Sunday, March 18, 2007

Microsoft vill Plateau, for a while and then…

Microsoft has already plateaued for quite a long time despite te billions from Windows and Office. I was thinking about a take on MVP and thus the German type ‘vill’.

Even the might Scoble is angry with Microsoft’s present situation:
The words are empty. Microsoft’s internet execution sucks (on the whole). Its search sucks. Its advertising sucks. If that’s ‘in it to win’, then I don’t get it.
Vista has not been that big a success.

What of Microsoft is not able to mount a suitable challenge online until it is too late – Google and others have already started offering online versions of Office applications. Next up: a serious challenge to Office and server?

By that time Microsoft should have done what it had done well in the past – buy all that it can’t . Buy Yahoo?

If that doesn’t happen…



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