Monday, April 30, 2007

What if most of the top Digg users were all journalists?

The top stories on Digg on any given day are technology-related or about things that entertain the young, techie male type- funny, gaming, videos, with a bit of girls thrown in here and there for garnish.

Compare this to Reddit and you will find a similar layout and feel. However, you will also come across many stories from newspapers and serious magazines – from the New York Times, Atlantic Monthly and so on.

One reason for this may be that Reddit is owned people who own Wired too.

So, what would happen if most of the top Digg users were journalists?

The top stories would reflect some of the best writing stories on the net.

Of course, smart journalists know that only a select few read the serious o-ed pieces, thus including a judicious mix of sports, celebrity gossip, weird news, photos, and videos as well.

The new Digg front page may thus resemble a true global newspaper.

However, let us come back to reality. There is no way all this is going to happen. Kevin Rose and his team are mighty pleased with the community they got. Every successful social network is content within the parameters and comfort zone of their community.

I propose a band of enthusiastic journalists and build a better Digg – insightful stories, no hypocrisy of moderation, different system of rating and voting, focused sections, among other improvements.

P.S.: Incidentally, this is my 200th post on MediaVidea.

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