Thursday, December 13, 2007

Participant Generated Content vs. User Generated Content

PGC or UGC? Which one will it be? To tell you the truth, I have been in this blog business for more than years now and I still can’t get a hang of the terminology.

Are blogs UGC? (Nope) Are Comments UGC? (Yes) …

So, it comes to pass that Robert Scoble, supposed purveyor of cool web tools sporting a freshly minted career along the lines of ‘David Frost meets Jay Leno kind of interviewer/chat show’ decides to write a useful blog post for a change, revealing with a purposefully accidental flourish that he will soon be leaving Podtech, where he did interviews and other stuff, for FastCompany where he will continue to explore new stuff in video.

Scoble gives out some insights into the Online Video Business and if you like Jaywalking on the Tonight Show, Smile, you are on Candid Camera, and similar public involving shows and if you are into recording rock concerts and other public events on your cell phone and if you dig Road Movies, you will understand where Scoble is heading.

Pointing to sites like,, Scoble goes on to say this:

I’m tired of getting used by companies who just use and use and use without giving me anything in return.

… I actually love it when Christopher Coulter calls it “loser generated media.”

Digg users, take note.
But, I still don’t see whether ‘Participant Generated Media’ will make the participants rich.

Can PDC make participants make participants happy? Yes.
But, aren’t Youtube and its clones making from PGC?

Some things never change. Only the terminology does.

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