Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do we need yet another Operating System?

I am still using Win XP SP 2 and I have no issues or desires to upgrade to Microsoft new Windows 7.

Vista was a failure.

Some guys recently installed Google's Operating System for mobiles, Android on Asus EEE PC.

Among older tech companies, only Apple manages to excite its users with its products with its cult-like influence but I think we will reach a saturation point for coolness soon.

After all, even Johnny Depp and his cultivated coolness could not save the third (some say the second too) installment of the "Pirates of the Carribean).

How will Apple look without Steve Jobs?

Tech mags and papers will cover the introduction of Windows 7 because they got to fill the space and make some ad money.

Tech users will download the new O.S. for boasting rights and adding ammo to the water cooler/twitter talk,
" did you download? Yes, my download speed was..."

Meanwhile, the normal P.C. user is happy with what he has. For your normal web usage, you do not need a new operating system.

Didn't I hear someone say the other day that the days of Desktop O.S. is over?
The web is the new Operating System.

If someone needs a new operating system, it is the old technology companies.

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At 6:12 PM , Blogger Asfaq Tapia said...

I am not from MS, am not even going to recommend you to download Win7. Will just tell you why I thought of it as cool:

I am not a fan of Aero, so i switched it off. No regrets and the process to do so was VERY simple. Same goes for the annoying User Access Controls popups.

Win7 installed my XP programs without a problem.. when I tried installing Nokia PC Suite, the installer said this was an unknown OS, then the setup failed. The OS promptly asked me if the program worked in XP or Vista? I choose Vista and the OS went ahead and installed the app in a virtualised vista environment. VERY SEXY!

I used Vista for a day, hated it, went back to XP. Then I installed Win7 for bragging rights, as you rightly mentioned but honestly, MS have done us good this time :)

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