Friday, March 25, 2011

No one needs an ipad, but why are people buying them? Introducing the Cave man theory of gadgets

In 1 year, Apple has sold more than 15 million iPads. The iPad cannot replace your PC, nor can it be carried in your pocket. But, why are people buying it? Wired magazine explains this, and I call it the Cave man theory of gadgets:

...the tablet’s main appeal lies in the approachable touchscreen interface that just about anybody at any age can pick up and figure out.

'Figure out'. This is the key. iPads are the Hermes scarves of gadgets. They have no fixed use. But they do look fancy. The fancy/rich people like them a lot. So, they must be useful. Let's try to browse the web. Let's look at some videos. Let's check out that cool new website. Wait! The Apple guys won't let you see that 'unauthorized' website.

The cave man has bumped into the outer walls of Apple's walled garden.



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