Thursday, April 05, 2007

The future of Advertising is incomplete without the Search specialists

In its latest issue, Businessweek did a survey of the 121 judges at the annual Effie awards on the future of advertising.

As expected, the confused agencies and clients were not so sure about search.

Only 18.2% of respondents believed that Appearing at the top of Google Search results is a more effective form of brand building than a national TV campaign.

Maybe such perception will change if Google’s new CPA (Cost per action) model works.

63.9% of agencies and 41% of clients did not believe that generating press and buzz is the most important part of building a brand.

What’s more, two keywords that respondents were sick of this year were ‘Buzz’ followed by ‘User Generated content’.
Next year, they said they would get sick of Second Life.

I did not find any SEO or SMM firm mentioned in the survey. I am sure that search advertising is a big part of the industry by now. The Ad agencies know this, for sure.

Tip for ad agencies: buy a SEO firm
SEO is no more a cottage industry.
I am waiting for a big ad agency to buy Seomoz and get heavy on linkbaiting and Social Media Marketing.

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