Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Ultimate reading list for aspiring blog network moguls

Let us not get into this unending debate about whether Blog Networks are dead.

If you have access to affordable web server and adequate bandwidth, add in dozens of rewriters in China or India, you can still fulfill your dream of being the big time media magnate you promised your mother you would be one day.

So, here it goes:

Part 1: Intro

Introduction to Blog Networks
Written by Darren Rowse of Problogger, from the b5Media Blog network.

Top Blog Networks
List of 80 blog networks.

Top Blogs
List of blogs top in Technorati and Alexa.

Part 2: Funding & Running

Funding Blog Networks
Figures explaining how much it really takes to run a viable Blog network, valuation of Blog networks, among other things.

Blog Networks Need Term Sheets
Calling for rationalizing the relation between the blogger and the network owner.

Paying bloggers
A detailed article by Jeremy Wright, also from the b5Media blog network. Also covers payment method of other blog networks.

Part 3: The criticism

Why I think blog networks suck
Written by SEO expert Aaron Wall where he refutes all the plus points, point by point.

Blog Networks and the Long Tail
Do you create blog network to develop quality content or to earn Google adsense money?

Why Blog Networks Failed
Written by Paul Scrivens of the 9Rules Blog network.

Related coverage on blog networks and failure:

Blog networks - Worth the money?

Why Blog Networks Failed 2

Blog Networks: Time for a Reality Check !

Part 4: What’s next?
FeedBurner testing Blog Networks
FeedBurner is beta testing a new product called “Networks” which are groups of blogs on a single topic.

Big Blog Networks: my vision for Networks of Niches
Richard Macmanus writes about networks of Niches, which are groups of niche bloggers, ''each with their own unique look n' feel but collectively part of a branded network of like minds.

MediaVidea: Mybloglog: a better model for blog networks?

MediaVidea: Blog Networks: an overview

The 9 models of bloggers’ collectives



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