Friday, June 29, 2007

How the biggest value of Digg is enjoyed by Digg itself

We still don’t know what part of Digg’s massive traffic shows actual users browsing through Digg’s 6000-7000 a day submissions, making those submissions and how much outbound traffic Digg actually provides. We already know that only a select group of sites make to Digg's homepage on a regular basis.

Till now we only have Compete’s outlandish claims that Digg has the same amount of traffic as Facebook. I don’t know what crazy piece of tech Compete is powered by (many believe it not different from Alexa, another dodgy counter) but we won’t know the truth until Digg makes its Statcounter (or any variant) public.

One theory behind the huge reported traffic numbers is the rapid growth of “Add to Digg” widgets and “Integrate this on your site” tools which force users to go to the Digg Submission page.

Basically this means that readers on any site are forced to leave the site and go to Digg.

I doubt it we will ever know Digg’s incoming-outgoing traffic ratio and in all probability, we won’t be able to the true benefit of social news sites.

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