Saturday, August 04, 2007

Is Digg past its peak?

Erling L. Andersen researches Digg’s traffic on Alexa and concludes what I have been suspecting for a while – Digg’s traffic is down.

Erling writes that Digg has lost almost half of its traffic from its ‘glory-days’ towards the end of 2006.

Reason? Erling thinks it is because of competition from Reddit,, Stumbleupon and others.

For some time now, I suspected Digg was in a slump - the numbers of submissions in two popular Digg categories – Technology and Business are a bit down. While number of submissions on a whole remain the same, skirting the 8000 stories a day mark, The average Digg submitter writes more about technology and business than other, and maybe the arbitrary Buries are discouraging many users to participate anymore, or at least far less than they used to do before.

Then there is a bigger problem: Digg has always suffered from lack of good stories. More than ever, Kevin Rose and his gang must shift attention from their new baby Pownce, and try to bring focus back to Digg, which need good stories like never before.

As things stand, one suspects the original group of enthusiastic YTMs (young, techie males) that made Digg are moving on in life. In comparison, editor-moderated Slashdot powers on, with good stories coming in on a daily basis.

The Plateau before the decline is not a nice place to dig in, pardon the pun.

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