Sunday, December 05, 2010

Why Barkha Dutt or Vir Sanghvi aren't important

1. Because they don't do important things: One is actually a glorified reality-TV host (Re:'We the people' - more explanation in the note below) and the other writes breezy, cheery articles on good food and luxury living ('Counterpoint' is pure fluff in comparison), something most Indians, including this writer, just cannot afford.

2. Because none of them is a serious journalist: Endangering soldiers in name of war reporting or having 24-hour-access-card to the inner sanctum of crony-democracy-meets-capitalism does not cut it [aka Access Journalism] , as far as I am concerned. P. Sainath, they just are not.

3. Because they are not the voice of real India: Both work for elitist brands. NDTV English and Hindustan Times, both cater to the Urban Indian Elites.

4. Because no one likes the self-important.

'Hunt down the elites': And, if anyone in our young nation becomes too important in his/her deluded estimation, it is our national duty to hunt them down.

Note: Some have asked me how 'We the people' is a Reality Show. Truth is it is hard for me to accept TV shows of the kind as a news show. Multiplayer Talk show is a better name for them, don't you think? Moreover, most TV news anchors are not journalists. They just read off the teleprompter. Cruel, but is true.

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