Monday, April 25, 2011

The #1 problem with the Apple vs. Win and all other kinds of consumer fanboys and fangirls: The rise of consumer fascism

There is indeed such as thing as a sane person. There is no such thing as a Mac person, or a PC person.  Or a Facebook person or Twitter person. Doesn't it all sound fascist? I use an Apple computer. So, I must be a better person than others who don't use Apple computers.

Recently,, a site I don't know what it does, but it has been around for while, surveyed its users on the popular rant-generating topic of Apple vs.Windows users and somehow came to the conclusion that Apple users are more liberal than Windows users. It is 100%B.S. I guess someone inferred the results by analyzing the great people from all those "think different" ads.

Comparisons, especially concerning 'who buys what and what does that mean', are distasteful, waste sinks of time, and shallow as well.

What is wrong with cults? In brief:
1. Consumer cults such as Apple and followers of sports clubs exhibit illiberal tendencies. 
Rephrasing Agent Smith: Cults are the disease of modern consumerist life. Self-importance is only a step away from fascism.

How? You ask. In his last book, Kingdom Come (2006), JG Ballard, wrote about consumerism being equal to fascism. This book review is from the Observer:
Ballard's central idea is that consumerism slides into fascism when politics simply gives the punters what they want, becoming a matter of consumer-style choices...
2. Being in an Apple cult is the heights of irony.
A Hacker News commenter said some time back about the Apple fanboys:
Mac fanboys are like the Goth kids of the adult world - they profess individual expression, but all act and dress the same.
It's amusing that a group that touts themselves as valuing individuality and creativity all use the same restrictive devices with very little choice.  

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