Friday, April 22, 2011

Students to Apple-Hawking Journalism School: Don’t make us buy iPads (or any other Apple product)

It is not only art directors for movies and TV shows that fall prey to Apple's subliminal selling push. Apple targets schools with a vengeance, adding further cost to the already expensive education, education which may or may not be fruitful in the long run. Now, students of the the Missouri School of Journalism have spoken against the school's directive to buy an iPad before they sit in a class.

The students write,
Leave it up to the student to decide if they’d rather record an interview on a new iPod touch or a simple tape recorder. Massive, general technological requirements do little for productivity, considering they are rarely utilized, if at all. 

We strongly urge the J school to stop requiring new technologies for their students, especially when they haven’t even found useful ways to utilize the current ones, like the iPod touch. 
And, then this,
...They aren’t even friendly recommendations — they’re endorsements.

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