Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The world's most powerful brand is the least useful (and how useless most rankings really are)

Most rankings are only guestimates based on favorites of a very small focus group. But when one such ranking, world's most powerful brands, ranked Google as the number 1, we sort of agreed. Because no other internet service/major brand today is as useful as Google. Whether you were a poor student in Patna or a fashion designer in Paris, Google was your guide to information and actionable intelligence.

Now Apple is at the top of the list Top 100 global brands. But what use is Apple to most of the world? It is the least useful globally.

And, what exactly does being powerful mean? Other than the fact that Apple is able to influence the influencers through various subliminal means, what other power are we talking about here?

In comparison, even evil Microsoft is better than Apple. Just ask all those users of Win XP Service Pack 2 (free, pirated editions) worldwide. What good is a piece of technology if it can't be copied? There, I said it.

So, what explains the rise of Apple? Is it only the rise of mobile devices and shiny tablets? In many ways, the state of the IT industry is similar to the early decades of automobiles, but the difference here is that everyoene is touting everyone else should buy the latest Mercedes Benz and not Model T (and drive only on roads approved by Mercedes). 

Apple the brand is symptomatioc of today's Hyper-consumerism, where 'a son attacks his mom for drinking his starbucks'.



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