Friday, October 16, 2009

Why Digg needs editors - Part 2

I still think Digg would be a better resource for all of us who are looking for 'news with the context'/the big picture.

I found the above image 'If Digg were a newspaper' on the Shortformblog blog.

Yes, Digg needs editors. Editors to curate what goes on to topic-specific front pages. The traffic is huge, the comments are getting better and at times they inform me on issues I previously knew little about.

In case of some topics, Digg is approaching Slashdot like quality, but then we have to remember that Slashdot has moderation, while Digg has stupid bury brigades. If you want to deal with spammers, trolls, duplicate content, do it properly and openly, not firing from free-ranging cabals.

BTW, did you know the New York Times has a whole department moderating the comments?

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