Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A simple career guide for writers and reporters in India

People in the media industry, especially in the journalism and reporting areas, tend to have a largely unstable career paths. That means dreaming is ok, but thinking those dreams will turn out into reality is so ok. Having served as editor for 11 years now, I have my reasons. Let me clarify,

1. It is a creative field, so people tend to get more passionate about disagreements on work-related issues. Creative people have fantastic egos. Job churn is heavy.

2. Writing/reporting job responsibilities are mostly front-line jobs, i.e. the company's business depends on your output directly. It is not a managerial type position. Even well-funded media brands like TOI will want you to write your keyboard out, so to speak.

3. If you are looking for a career change, look for jobs in the KPOs (e.g. IBM, Accenture), E-learning, Technical Writing and Corporate Communication industries for better pay and prospects.

Of course, you will find a drastic change in your creative outflows, but the destiny of creative writers in India is not in press and online media - there is too much insecurity and opportunities are few, despite what many will tell you to believe.

4. The final career option for journalists and reporters is to move in to management side of the media business - honing your team-building and business development expertise.

Having said all this, remember this: whatever happens, don't let that creative light die inside you. If you were meant to write, write.

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