Thursday, December 26, 2013

Twitter as the noisiest medium in history (and what to do about it)

As this year 2013 ends, I find out I haven't used Twitter much. Maybe just every three months or so to keep the account kind of active. Have no time. Have no inclination.

Seth Godin puts the supposed importance of Twitter to task - all that noise making it useless most of the time:

Do you actually believe that Taylor Swift has 33,000,000 million (and counting) people eagerly waiting for her next tweet, ready to click on whatever she links to?
In fact, less than one in a thousand people who 'get' one of her tweets will click. Most of the 33 million won't even read it, making the word 'get' worthy of quotation marks.

So what do we do with this Social media behemoth, which I suspect is fast becoming a wasteland roamed by shameless self-promoters?
You can play at Facebook and Twitter, and make them work. But they will only work if treat them like a cocktail party, as an opportunity to eavesdrop and layer general connection and value and insight. 

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