Friday, December 19, 2008

Someone please tell Google to Buy The New York Times

In 2006, I gave 7 reasons why Google should buy The New York Times, helping the cause of great journalism in the process and finally do at least one great content play. No, Knol doesn't quite cut it.

The Deal pays the Google-NYT idea a relook.

Buy The Times and hive it off as a non-profit.

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jason Calacanis Censors Mahalo Answers

Time to revisit Ethics 101 for New Media Publishers. Valleywag reports that while Mahalo Answers was in beta this month, one tester, a disgruntled Mahalo employee asked, "Is Jason Calacanis cool?"

She answers this loaded question herself and vents out her frustration with her boss, Calacanis. Reportedly, Calacanis got his people delete the entry, but Valleywag has screenshots of the uncensored Mahalo Answers page.

Goes to prove, again, that New Media publishers are just Old Media bosses in new clothes. A sensible way to handle criticism is to take it on upfront Obama style or ignore it.

Question: As most news-related media properties turn into Online-only publications, including the NYT, will we see more of crude acts of censorships or are we going to have some rules about it?

After all, server space is pretty cheap.

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Lame (and so very late) consulting firm survey of the day

Surprise, surprise! A survey by Deloitte shows we're living in a “media democracy”. Did they conduct the survey in 2004?
— We're living in a media democracy, where no single form of media dominates the attention of Americans. It's also an age where everyone contributes to the media, not just traditional media companies.

Next they will say they invented the term "media democracy" and sell expensive reports and services to clueless business executives.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Pulitzer for Blogs: Revisting the Blogitzers

In April 2007, I wrote about the idea of Blogitzers - Pulitzers for Blogging. Now that the Pulitzer Prizes in the United States have announced they will accept entries from Online Only publications, I paid my old post a visit. I had written that if we had the Blogitzers up and running, we should have awarded the following:

- the blogger who helped bring Don Emus to book.
- the Newsvine user who brought the Virginia Tech shooting to front page.
- The blogger in India who brought attention to the alleged misdeeds at a supposed premier business school.
- Bloggers in Egypt who are standing up to the dual opposition of an autocratic government and muslim hardliners.
- Bloggers who converted their blogs into successful books.
- Blogger who helped bring a new music talent in public eye.

How I would promote the Blogitzers:
This would encourage people to go after the real stories rather than indulging in navel-gazing political stories and odd opinion stuff. We have enough of the Friedmans and Gladwells.

I know doing investigative journalism involves time and money but at least this would be a start. I would go ahead, tie up with or, build a separate site for the Blogitzers and sell books based on the award winning stories written by the winners and ensuring that winners got the maximum money from sale of their books, avoiding as much middleman-related grime as possible.

I would love to listen to what you think about the Blogitzers.

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