Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Is Facebook dying?: A prologue

The truth of a Facebook news feed

We know old people send the young to war for their benefit. We should also know that as websites get older, they will use all kinds of tricks to make money from their traditionally young users. When Julian Assange calls Facebook a 'spying machine', he is simple stating the truth.

Ryan O'Connell writes, 'Is Facebook over?'. He explains:
Like Myspace and Friendster before it, Facebook might be approaching its social network sell-by date. The redesign is shitty, the photo albums are structured in such a way that makes lurking less fun, and the people who were the original users are growing up and feeling more mature on Twitter.
To paraphrase someone: "No one went bankrupt underestimating the stupidity of young people."

Ryan ends with this thought:
Who knows though? Maybe Facebook is going to last forever. Maybe a new generation of kids will always take solace in a website that allows you to “poke” people
The above graphic is from a Tumblr blog, found via Ryan. Click on it for a larger view.

There is much truth in it. It says what I have been wanting to say about the activity on my Facebook news feed for a long time now - lots of people with lots of spare time, idling away in their boring jobs, trying to justify the banalities of modern life through shares, pokes and spam.

Boring lives lead to boring newsfeeds. And, when we have had enough of this boring shit, we will know Facebook is dying.

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At last, Osama did something good

Jon Stewart put it best: "...the targeted killing of another human being is a debatable thing." However, in an ironical twist of fate, Osama Bin Laden did a good thing while being dead. He put the despairingly disgusting noise over the Royal marriage in shade.

Read this Gawker post titled, Five News Stories That Osama bin Laden’s Death Ruined
Actually, we probably owe OBL a big thank you, because he closed the media scrap book on this one for good.

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