Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Yashwant Singh: India's best blogger

Yashwant Singh, who runs Bhadas4media, a blog which recently celebrated 4 years of existence, is in my opinion the best Indian blogger, in the true blogger sense - blogging on an issue he is passionate about, the right/plight of Indian journalists, highlighting any example of media-industrial complex on a regular basis, which all the Twitteratis and pseudo-bloggers (English language) have mostly failed to do so far.

From a wide sampling of Yashwant's writing, which is in Hindi, first you have to read this, which is the most frank personal story of any Indian blogger I have read so far.

It is a passionate blogger's philosophy, a manifesto for carrying on no matter what. This blogger thought he would be dead by 38. No chance, so far.

Yashwant receives threats for his blogging all the time, and he often responds by giving the caller the address of his home.

Read Yashwant's post about high salaries of media organization CEOs, and this one about huge salaries of new channel/newspaper editors while stringers go unpaid.

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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Is this how the rat race will implode?

Students in China cramming for a competitive exam, studying non-stop, hooked up to IV Drips of invigorating amino acids. The Indian equivalent can be a doting mother sending in unending supplies of any nutritional drink. Forget the bucolic imagery, it is still a sad rat race.