Friday, January 03, 2014

How bad TV news is (and what to do about it)

And I thought TV news was bad only here in India. Here's Jeff Jarvis on the  pervasive 'badness' in TV news and how it is sliding surely and noisily into irrelevancy:

TV news is stuck holding onto its orthodoxy of inanity. It wastes resources trying to fool us with stand-ups at sites where news occurred 12 hours before and where there is nothing left to witness or report. It repeats much, saying little. It adores fires that affect few. It goes overboard on weather. It gives us BREAKING NEWS that isn’t breaking at all but is long over, predictable, obvious, or trivial. It gullibly and dutifully flacks for PR events created just for TV. It presents complex issues with false and simplistic balance. It speaks in the voice of plastic people. It stages reality (no that guy in the b-roll isn’t really typing on his laptop). It has little sense of the utility of what it presents. And did I mention its pyromania?

Read the whole thing here. It also covers the innovation being done with news video